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Mailtausch: TOP Secret - One-Line-Online

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Adrian, Zhen

At the 1st of January, 2014 the pre-launch of  ONE-LINE ONLINE - THE GREEN LINE has been started. From that moment on you can earn big money with the GREEN ENERGY worldwide. 

This is your chance to be among the very first people who know about this special opportunity – and it's your priviledge to register your participation even before the official start at the 1st of April, 2014.

But what can be so special about this business-opportunity ?


Further more you will receive commissions not only from your downline, but from your upline as well, until the 7th level – this is definitely unequaled in this industry.  

Every week you can watch one of our multilingual WEBINARS – for example in English. If you are interested to join, please ask me for details by e-mail.

Please consider that the information-site, as well as your business administration part (backoffice) are still under construction. Everything will be completed step by step during the next days and weeks.

During the pre-launch period the only way of payment is by PayPal. After your starter payment is done, you receive your "CODE" – or your "CODES", in case you want to register with more people – directly from myself or from international franchise partners. Other payment systems will be soon at your disposal.


Your commission will be calculated by the total sales below you. So it makes sense to start your own business immediately, telling your people, your friends, your contacts and every human being you might know, about this phantastic opportunity by One-Line-Online The Green Line.

At the moment you receife your personal Webseite in 4 Languages already (EN / DE / RU / PL and ES being prepared) – more languages will follow soon.

Detailed informations you'll find in the following websites – clicking on „INFORMATIONS" (top,right).

Information-site: one-line-online.com/sww

Register-site: one-line-online.com/sww/signup

During the pre-launch you are offered a "start promotion" where you can win terrific Apple-Products and money rewards up to 50.000 Euros.

Just get your starter-kit now for 30.00€ only, and then begin the NEW YEAR 2014 with a brand new perspective ! 
At the moment we have registered 800 partners worldwide, in 32 countries, after 12 days only !!

So take your chance NOW !!

For fast determined people: Just pay the amount of 30€ via PayPal to agentur-jacob@web.de

You will receive your PayCode for the registry immediately by mail. For any question don't hesitate to ask !

With my best wishes 
for your success . . . 

Ralf Jacob

Email: sww.business@gmail.com

Skype: Agentur-Jacob

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